Altrincham FC are both excited and proud to announce that it continues into its FIFTH year as a Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Centre.

We offer local young people the opportunity to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards via a structured and supportive programme.

As you will be well aware, completing the DofE award will provide young people with an edge in an ever increasingly competitive world. It says something about the character and wider skills of a young person that both further and higher education institutes, as a well future employers, value highly.

We have received national and international recognition for our programme here.

What you can expect:

  • Staffing (expedition supervisors) all DBS cleared and experienced/qualified leaders

  • Transport (outward and return) included as part of the package for both Silver & Gold programmes.

  • On site workshop training at Altrincham Football Club


Places for our Bronze & Gold 2019/20 cohorts are now available to book.

For further information on each course, follow the links below. Alternatively, you can call: 0161 928 1045 or email:



Registration Evening - Sunday 29th September 2019 6:30pm-8:00pm

Bronze Award Age 14+

Volunteering section: 3 months

  • Physical section: 3 months

  • Skills section: 3 months

  • Expedition section: 2 days/1 night

  • You also have to do 3 more months in one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections.

Cost £225.To Register your interest please click on the button below.



Cohort is full

Silver Award Age 15+

  • Volunteering section: 6 months

  • Physical and Skills sections: One section for 6 months and the other section for 3 months

  • Expedition section: 3 days/2 nights

  • Training & expedition section completed by October half-term prior to exam periods providing more convenience for students in years 10 and 11.

  • If you didn't do Bronze, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical or Skills sections.

    Expedition Section:

     EXPEDITION TRAINING SESSIONS (workshops club based): Commencing September 8th 2019

    PRACTICE EXPEDITION Friday 20th September pm – Sunday 22nd October pm

    QUALIFYING EXPEDITION Saturday 19th – Monday 21st Oct (Oct half-term)

Cost including transport £295.To Register your interest please click on the button below.



Registration Evening - Sunday 10th November 2019 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Gold Award Age 16 +

  • Volunteering section: 12 months

  • Physical and Skills sections: One section for 12 months and the other section for 6 months

  • Expedition section: 4 days/3 nights

  • Residential section: Undertake a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights.

Cost Including transport £385. To Register your interest please click on the button below.


Thanks for all your organising and the time the whole family has given to this – it all seemed incredibly well organised!! Thanks for making it such an enjoyable and positive experience for Henry (despite the rain!) Please send my thanks to the volunteer parents too.